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DesignContent-mThe design of your web-site could be the difference between its success and failure. We will "together" determine the proper approach, and layout, to distribute information about your business, creating a site that is informative.

  • The writing. We make it short, punchy and to the point to make it scannable as visitors browse through Google and other popular search engines.
  • The Content. Is what you have to offer unique or different? Often information or niche products succeed far better than the "warehouse" approach.
  • The Point of the site. What is the reason for the web site? To sell or to inform?  To support something?  Knowing why you want a web site will help you determine if it will be a success or not.
  • The Design.  A clean, simple to navigate and easy to use web site will allow your visitors to find what they need from your site. Never assume you know what your visitors know, or your site will fail.
  • The Hype.  Does the hype about your site have your visitors talking about your site in a good way. This doesn't have to be on a national level, what about a local site? Sites that most people talk about are usually the successful ones.

We adhere to the standard HTML practices, which includes designing a site that users are familiar with and can easily navigate through using several different browsers, thus ensuring your customers will find what they are looking for quickly and easily. We will create a site for you that is both professional and representative of your business.
Users should be able to find out a large amount of information about your business.  At Sereni Web Design, we will help you determine what information is appropriate for your site, and how to convey that information.  Proper grammar and spelling are simple considerations that are often  overlooked by other design companies, yet are an aspect that will immediately encourage customers to do business with you.  Additionally, we will work with you to establish the message you want to convey to your customers. Our business and marketing experience will help your site represent all that your company has to offer!


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